The album tells a story of a 17-year-old girl called Luna Damien, who lives in a strange and creepy city of Muddlewood. It’s definitely not the coziest place on Earth but it has its own  charm. By nights Luna walks on the roofs as houses are built close together, so you can cross the whole city without descending to the streets. Upon spotting something cool, Luna writes a story about it in her diary.
One day she mad paper planes out of the pages of her diary and threw them from the harbor bridge. Later some of these pages where found and used as the basis for these songs. The members of the band pretend to be the ones who found them and told these stories to people.

Every story has a title that refers to a particular address in Muddlewood. So the track number represents a house number, and the rest is the name of the street, where Luna has seen her story.

►1 Hunters Avenue
At night Hunters Avenue turns into the survival arena for everyone ready to pay a fee and take part in an epic battle. All means are allowed. The last survivor takes all the money.

►2 Blind Tom Alley
Here Luna hears on a song of a young man that once met a girl on the roof. He still can’t forget her and often comes here in hopes of meeting her again.

►3 Knuckle Street
Knuckle Street is a gathering place for members of Church of Self-Destruction. Every night they beat the hell out of each other, hoping to die in a battle or, at least, to get severely hurt.

►4 Secrette Station
There is a mysterious old building at the edge of Muddlewood. Every night someone turns on the light in the window at the top floor. Luna often comes here to stare at the glowing dot from a distance. For her it looks like a beacon in the ocean of hopelessness. She doesn’t know who lives here and, in fact, does not want to know it.

►5 Central Bulletward
Central Boulevard divides two parts of Muddlewood and serves as a border between the poor and the rich. These two worlds never meet. But there is a man, who can cross the great barrier and get from one side to another, using his sniper rifle. His name is Fiddler, the hitman. That night Lune heard him playing his deadly song.

►6 Masquee Road
Every autumn a crazy travelling funfair comes to Muddlewood. It has thrill rides, sideshows and cotton candy. The loud voice of a barker is heard from everywhere…

►7 Dreamound Park
There’s an abandoned park, where dead bodies are found almost every day. It is rumored that some great evil dwells here. An night kids gather near the central gates and play rock-paper-scissors to decide who would enter the park and walk all the way down to an old haunted boathouse and bring something as a proof of their bravery.

►8 Wasteland Drive
That night Joe Miller said goodbye to his friends, flagged down the first passing truck and left the city that he hates more than anything to never come back.

►9 Kite Bay Bridge
Before the dawn Luna tears the pages out of her diary and makes paper planes out of them. Some of these pages were found by a travelling storyteller, passing through Muddlewood this morning, and later used as the basis for these songs.